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Dec 8, 2009


Hello hope everyone have a nice tuesday!

I have a problem this moisturizer is giving me allergic reaction.
I got a small spots in my face that is a little bit red and round.

Now my question  - -is anyone have similar reaction? 
What is in this moisturizer?
Well it´s my fault why do I start applying some moisturizer.
It´s my first time using this product,

How do I know this could ruin my skin?


RoseBelle said...

I used to use Clinique All Day Moisturizer. It worked well on me but it was not worth the price. I think it could be the preservative or some chemicals in the moisturizer that caused your allergic reaction. I now use all natural and organic moisturizers such as Burt's Bee or Abba. Organic moisturizers don't have harsh chemicals or additives which of course is better for our skin.

kathy said...

I am using clinique right now Khim and I am lucky coz I don't have the same allergic reaction... Mahal pud bya nia nga brand... basi dli ka moangay ana.. Ihatag na lng nas akoa.. hehehehe