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Jul 27, 2011


Hello world!

 Todays update is about my lilies.
My lovely lilies is blooming really well.
 I don´t know which families this lilium come from.?

One thing I know that they are beuatiful 
and makes my garden smells marvelous every summer.
 I wish you could smell it.

Enjoy life and have a pleasant day everyone.
Thanks for dropping by!

Jul 18, 2011

Fresh berries

Hello bloggworld!
It´s been a while since I update my blogg.
Same us usual, been busy with work and family.
Oh my! time goes by! can´t believe  it, 
It´s mid-year allready and it means berries 
is growing fruitful surround in my garden.

You´ll find this freshly yummy sweet raspberries in front of my house.

There is nothing taste better than your owned pick blueberries. 

Treat your self with some freshly pick cherries 
from my very best friend and nieghbours garden.

I´m lucky enough to stay and live in a place close
to the forest at the same time close enough 
to the second largest city in Sweden, which is Gothenburg.
And I thanks my guardian angels for this wonderful life I´ve got.

Happy mid-year everyone 
and enjoy your summer 
Where and What ever your doing.

Jun 3, 2011

Border of flowers

Hello World!
How´s everybody in this lovely and wonderful world we live in?
I´m fine and happy to be home for a long weekend.
Now let´s take a tour in my young garden.

Lovely pink small flower 
who help me keep the weeds away.
Just beautiful,- they looks like something from the ocean 
but I could´nt find it out what was it?
They looks like a close 
and soon to be open umbrella.
The kings favorite color.
And my one and only yellow flowers right now.
Japanese Rhododendron considered as a sensitive plants. 
I did a good job to make this beautiful ornamental plants,
To grow in a rocky and dry soil.
(As my hubby said).
Sitting in a bench in a lovely sunny day with a cup of tea,
I´m sure you´ll going to find it out, how wonderful world we live.


May 13, 2011

It´s time...

At last I was off from work for the first time since january.
It´s time for me to do all the stuff, I can´t usually do on weekdays.
Like going to the hairdresser for my little girl and for my self.
I did asked permission if 
I could post this photo with the hairstylist.

And I did my flowerpots today.
The result.
I´m a brilliant beginner. hehehe!

Welcome summer beauty.
According to my garden calendar 
I should start planting plants and flowers on the month of may.
Well I´m not late I think? I´m just following my garden calendar.

Keep dropping guys and expect
more updates from my young garden.

Have a wonderful sunny weekend everyone!

May 9, 2011

Sunny weekend

Hello everyone!
We got a sunny day last weekend.
and the kids is out having fun.
With there water guns,

and bubbles.

Is´nt it beautiful when the sun is shining.
We had a sunny funny weekend.

Thanks sunshine!