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Jan 13, 2011

Finer year ahead

Hello Blogger world! 
New year, same things to be done everyday.
Same as last year with more snow and longer winter. 
It could be worse. right?
Kids is having fun and that´s the most important. 

Year for more puzzle to come.
Life is like solving a puzzle need to find the right pieces.

 Look att them they improve every time they do something.
I hope for a fined year ahead and be more useful in every field.
It feels good to write and uppdate my blog,
but sorry could not promise when can i write again.
Thanks for your comment 
and wish you all a fine year ahead!


Ricademus said...

Last week someone stopped following me, so I looked through my followers to see if I could figure out who it was. Anyway, when I saw your little picture I thought: 1)I haven't heard from that pretty girl in a long time; and 2) I'm glad she didn't stop following my blog! =)

Life rolls forward, seasons change and our kids grow. I'm glad you found the time to do a post--it's nice to see you on-line.

Mayet said...

hey, have a wonderful year;)

teJan said...

oi..pagkadako ba aning imong! thanks sa follow:)

Sam D. said...

Just checking in my friend. How are you?

Islandshore E-store said...

Stopping by here

clavel said...

what a huge eagle!

Sam D. said...

Hi Khim, how are you and your family?

lina@happy family said...

How are you, Khim?
Came here to inform that I've changed my Happy Family blog domain. Please fix my url here, thanks...