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Dec 8, 2010

Snowy days

It´s been snowing since november.
I dont mind snow at this season, 
It´s beautiful outside well not all is pretty with snow 
Not the drive way and the highway.
Black smoke from exhaust emission
with salt makes it looks like carbon.

 This is from my backyard
I´snt it beautiful?

Amyrillis in my kitchen window
We been baking some sweets and bread
for this holiday season.
I think we have to do it again because 
soon it´s finished allready.
 Kids loves sweets.

 The view from my living room.
 I wish the snow well stay 
until christmas for holiday season sake. 

Have a good mid-weeks everyone! 


Small Kucing said...

Not only kids loves sweets. Adults too

Ricademus said...

I love your views of the snow--and I wish we were baking, but not yet. :(

Take care!

Mayet said...

beautiful! I have yet to do some baking,too.

A.M.I.N.A said...

I just wish we also have snow are you?

ReadWriteSnap said...

this is really very nice! I can see that view on a spring day! just wow!

Jag said...

the first pic looks like a herd of sheep...lovely! :)

Wengss said...

We also have a thick of snow here..grrrr and today is -28 degrees. So cold, nakakamis ang pinas specially this cold winter.
Thanks for the xmas card. You are always a generous friend :-)
Kram från oss alla! God fortsättning!