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Apr 26, 2011


Been really busy like a bee for the last few month.
Apologize to all bloggers!

Taken from my backyard
Right now I just could´nt get some sleep due to my polen allergy.
When birch tree is starting to pollinate my eyes start to itch and runny nose. 
It´s not my favorite weather right now but I did survive for the last 11 yrs.
So far so good guys,
Hmmm...I´m just looking for something to complain and write about.

Enjoy your week people 
and gonna blogghopp soon as I got extra time.


Ricademus said...

Hi Khim!!! Nice to see you on-line. I'm sorry about the allergies, that is miserable. I don't like spring because I get sick most years--temperatures go up and down, it's windy and wet and pollen is everywhere. Yuck! But things get better in June. =)

kimmy said...

nice to have you back, Khim!

Small Kucing said...

yes, it has been awhile.

A happy week to you too

Mayet said...

hi,glad to know that you're back;) anyway, I also suffer from hay fever, hope you'll be ok soon.


My smile for you. Visiting again , have a nice day, super weekend! Hugs Fotis.

mestizas said...

ok..apology accepted nyahahha..visit my mestizas kimyat ay