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May 22, 2010

Week of emotion

Hello everyone!
How is everyone in the blogsphere?
I hope everything is under control guys.
LIfe is up and down most of the time down.
and now it´s weekend again.
Thanks for that!
My week is a mixed of emotion mostly sadness.
Our family best friend just leaf us
After a month of aggressive cancer.
Anyway outside the sun is shining
And the temperature is up to 25 deg.
Is´nt it lovely?
 Japanese cherry blomming in my backyard.
Make life worth living my friends and enjoy every moment
becuse one day every thing is gone. 
Three closed friends of ours got cancer diagnos this eary year.
and one just died.

It´s not  funny post but I have to write about it.


his unfailing love said...

Missed visiting...Hello Kim, blessings

smallkucing said...

:D have a nice weekend

Sam said...

Hello Khim! Have a great weekend to you:)Im sorry to hear that your family bestfriend died of cancer. Talagang uso na ang sakit na yan ngayon. Big boss din namin sa work died also recently of breast cancer. Anyways, ganda ng flower na Japanese cherry, wala yan dito sa Pinas.

EnAirRaH said...

It seems you have a nice backyard/garden...I love flowers too.

I already added your link to mine, hope u can add mine as well..thanks

Liz said...

Hello Khim! I'm sorry to hear about your friend. Last year we lost an aunt to breast cancer. I know how you're feeling.

By the way, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I do love your Japanese cherry!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend. :)

Unknown said...

oh sorry sa friend nyo khim..anyway gikapoy ko oi kay nanuroy mi sa Stockholm. whole day jud mi didto..karon pa mi abot balay..hehe ugma nako tiwas blogging kay katulugon na kaayo ko

Kel said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Ricademus said...

Hi Khim, I'm so sorry about your friend. I hope your other two friends have better results.

Sometimes it is hard to understand how it can be so beautiful outside when something terrible happens. I guess that's life. In the same second of time, one person dies, a baby is born, a couple gets engaged, a girl graduates college, a man retires, a woman cheats on her husband, and on and on and on.

May our happy tears outnumber the sad ones.

lina@women's perspectives said...

So sad to hear about your friend. May she/he rest in peace. Hope your other friends can fight the cancer.

It's so lovely flower...

Eden said...

Sorry to hear about your friend, Khim!

That is a pretty Japanse cherry blooms. Love the colour

Dhemz said...

sad to hear about your friend left teKhim...:(