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May 18, 2010

flowers inside and outside

Time just fly away in here right now.
I´m a bit busy preparing for the coming birthdays
And school graduation.
Still is a little bit cold outside for some flowers
So some of them I have to place them in my window.

Pelargonium pensé
Waiting for the right temperature outside.

So beautiful my lovely hortensia.
One of my favorite!

I really like lavender for it´s fragrance.
Soon gonna plant it outside.

Aren´t they lovely?
They are in my kitchen window.

Now  were looking after a swedish classic flowers in the garden.
Every simple creation from nature is really beuatiful like this one.
I´m sorry, but I forgot the name of this lovely flower.

My lieutenant heart flowers.
A classic flower in a swedish garden.

More classic a primrose in a bloom in my garden.
Gullviva in swedish.

Something green! dont really know what this is.
My mother in law give it to me.
Like every classic flowers in my garden
Is from her flower garden.
Have a wonderful spring and summer everyone!


Ricademus said...

You have the most beautiful flowers and plants. My plants wither even in Farmville. =)

Hope you had a great weekend.

Laikka said...

wew! pagka nice nas sa mga flowers kimyat..see you around..thanks ayo sa mga visit..kaginhawa na tawn ko oi! godbless!

kimmy said...

really beautiful flowers! that's why i like visiting your blog, i always feel relaxed, thanks for sharing..

Unknown said...

Beautiful flowers, some I think probably wont grow here. Enjoy your wonderful spring time.

Bambie dear ★ said...

lovely and beautiful flower shots =) so springy...

Lady Patchy said...

you have such beautiful flowers in your house.

Sam D. said...

all lovely flowers my dear friend and a nice place. I hope someday I can visit you there. :)

Chubskulit Rose said...

Gagaganda naman ng flowers mpo dyan Khim.. Please join sa Nostalgia bukas ah.. mwah!

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

You are so blessed to have this beauty to look at outside your window. God bless you!

Dhemz said...

my gosh....those are pretty....ka gwafa sa imong mga bulak te...parehas ta ug ug white...kaso ang ako usa lang ang saha nga buwak....unsay secret para modaghan ang stalk nya teKhim? ehehehe!

Ruby said...

very nice Khim..we seems to have the same hobby and likes...i love gardening and flowers too!

Euroangel said...

lovely photos Khim..happy weekend..did not see my first comment??ingat always!

eileeninmd said...

Gorgeous flowers! Your garden must be lovely. Nice blog! Have a great day!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Such beauty! I hope you can find some comfort in the beauty of nature, sorry for the loss of your friend.

Cacai M. said...

Wow Te Khim, I love the views, the flowers especially.. those were very much captured very neatly.. dslr imo cam Te Khim? I so love its result.. you captured it very detailed and very good! It's very beautiful!