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May 13, 2010

Iron square in Gothenburg

Hello everyone!
This week I been mostly looking around
Window shopping most of it.
Eating outside and making photos of my little garden.

 This is my favorite meeting and shopping area in Gothenburg.
Iron Square or in swedish jänrtorget.

I been walking most of the time is this area 
Since I arrive in Gothenburg.

A blooming cherry tree.

Specially when the sun is shining on it.

I visit this store once every two weeks.
Don´t asked me why but they got something
I like to look and touch.
Lets say a home decor store.

After a day of walking it´s time to 
Get in to one of the best japanese and korean restaurant in town.
According to local newspaper Gothenburg post
And Swedish day newspaper.

Now it´s my time to tell you how it taste in my food blog. 
She just love the miso soup.
More food photos about this restaurant is soon
In my man and food site.

Perhaps you wonder why my flower is always blue?
hehehe! coz I love blue flowers.
I don´t know why this one is so alone..?
Her friends is not done yet, I think?  as you see.

She is the one who brings high light in my garden.
I do have the pleasure to set down close to this beautiful magnolias,
Because of thier heavenly smells.

Mother nature thanks 
for the beautiful world you let me live.
Who ever you are can´t thank you enough.

Happy weekend everyone!


Ricademus said...

Wow, such a beautiful city. I hope I can visit there someday.

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

lovely photos.. it's so Europe.. sana maka-travel naman kami dyan someday =) you love japanese foods din pala.. sarap and healthy diba?

Anyway, thanks for the greetings po Mommy khim =) have a nice weekend ahead =)

anemonen said...

Göteborg is a very beautiful town. I love it. I has been there many times. My aunt lived there and now I have my cousin och his children there so I visit the town now and then. Thanks for visiting me.

Verna Luga said...

Wow, salivating ... ahihi... kanus-a pako kaabot diri... ..

thanks for dropping by ...

BTW.. naa Anything at all sa 4 blogs nako oi... naa sa my links .. letter A. heheheh... salamat sa laag.

Dhemz said...

wow ka nice sa presentation dire woi...mura pod ug ni kuyog ko sa imo te...ehehehe!

Marlene said...

Ganahan diay ka sa Järntorget. Ako kay murag wala pa ko naanad lakaw-lakaw dinha ba, kay daghan tabukon, hehee. That Japanese and Korean restaurant looks cozy.

lina@home sweet home said...

I enjoy seeing your photos, Khim.
What a wonderful city :)

Ruby said...

Hi Sis, beautiful pictures here..thanks for sharing..ingat...hope to pasyal in your place next time..have a great weekend too!

Ruby said...

hahanapin ko sa mapa next time yang Gothenburg..chaos in d hauz kami ngayon eh..hehe

Lindz said...

Hello Kim sensya na dili ko kaayo active dire sa blgospot pero mag post pa gihapon ko busy man gud ko karong panahuna... oo naa ko FB mas active ko didto kay dali ra, ahong name didto kay Linda Brown, kaw unsa man imong name didto?

Unknown said...

I love your place tsang very nice. Thanks sa mga visit tsang, tag hundred years nku makabalik ug bisita ky busy intawn imung lola.

Unknown said...

hello kim..haha gwapo diay ang Gothenburg no? Anyway, mouli mi karong katapusan kay mag apply ko ug permanent visa para diri..didto nami sa immigration ug mao ni ila gisulti sa akoa, so manguli mi karong katapusan pohon...unya na lang ta mag kita inig balik namo pohon hehehe. dad-an ta na lang ka ug Argentina corn beef hehehe.

Hanna said...

Ha en fortsatt bra vecka!