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May 23, 2010

I got a mail!

Oh what a relief it´s monday again.
We had a lovely weather in Gothenburg and that´s perfect 
Because it´s Gothenburg half marathon weeks.
Her she is my future athletics -:)
 A classic activities for kids every year.
It´s a part of spring to run.
 Yeheyyy, I got mail!
Last friday I recieve two mails one is a post card.
From a dear friend who I meet in the blogsphere.
Thanks Weng! for remembering me 
And my family on your vacation.
I hope you enjoy your vacation  in Italy.
See you on summer! maybe?

The next mail is a package.
From fridas garden.
What is inside?
A beautiful glass bell case with a mirror pan.
  It´s for summer used to avoid flies and insects.
Just love things like this!
Ja! we did have a good weekend anyway.
Thanks to the sunshine and kids activities that make us busy.
No time to think.
Now it´s a new weeks, a busy weeks actually.
 Have a good week ahead my friends!
and remember enjoy life.

PssT! before you go please visit Weng´s blog.


Ricademus said...

Getting mail is fun (except bills)! It looks so pretty in your town.

My story didn't really have a point, just something weird that happened...and I was thinking about it yesterday, so I shared it. =)

Have a nice week!

shydub said...

Wow very nice package tsang, pakapin na ang sulod hehe.Dako naman d i imung baby tsang no.

JHEN said...

filipino ?? hehehe. I really don't have any idea. oohh. mails. I want to receive something like that too! I haven't experienced receiving mails from friends online. haha. it's really cute :D ooh, and now i know that's the purpose of glass bell. hehe.

Verna Luga said...

apil nang sulod... kanindot, love it ... all the best ...

anney said...

Ganda naman ng bigay sayo ni weng!

Marlene said...

I thought ni join ka sa Göteborgsvarvet, Khim. Daghan tao sa town tong Sabado. I like the glass bell case. Pwede sad siya pang-display.

Dhemz said... sweet ni sure nag enjoy na to sila sa ilang trip...ehehhehe!

agoy naa man diay ka future athlete dire teKhim....:)

Rossel said...

so sweet! the flowers and the glass bell are beautiful.

Jag said...

Now that's what we call a complete package hehehe...

Wengss said...

Oi, I was surprised, dalia ra nmo nadawat ang postcard oi.
Nag enjoy jud mi kaayo sa amo vacation bahala mahal hehe. Gikulangan ra gani mi sa one week,galing lang walay available 2 weeks atong trip nmo ba.

eden said...

So sweet and thoughtful of Weng.

Ganda ng glass case mo Khim. Lami man kaayo ang sulod. i am having a coffee this time, padala diri para akong ipares..hehehe

Cacai M. said...

Wow.. absolutely stunning beautiful gifts she gave to you Te Khim.. I love collecting post card too and stamps from different countries.. and yep that second stuff is very beautiful! You're such a very nice person so you deserve it Te Khim! And thanks to your friend, may she give you a lot more.. a thought that deserve to count.. great friendship! I love it! Keep going.. ~hugs&kisses~

Lovingly YOurs,
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