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May 28, 2010

Bloom in my garden

Hello Hello world!
Time just past away and I did´nt notice it 
until now that I am almost going to bed.
It´s been a busy week for me.
And it´s gonna be a very busy month of june.
Well see if I could do my homework in blogsphere.

Now lets take a tour in my young garden and under construction all the time.
I´m sorry I forgot the name of all the flowers
I have in my garden.

I could´nt stop looking on this small cute flowers
everytime I get in and out.

The first emotion of love flowers with fragrance.
Were sorrounded by this beautiful Lilac (Syrin) flowers.

 Now my balcony is filled with flowers in the box.

Time for some refreshing.

That´s all from me today!

Wish you all a Happy weekend!


Hannele på Hisingen said...

Det ser trevligt ut.

Ricademus said...

Happy weekend! Thanks for sharing the pictures. =)

smallkucing said...

Gosh you really have a green thumb...mine all gone to plants heaven :(

Marlene said...

Hope to visit your beautiful garden someday, Khim. Aha, busy ka siguro sa June ug suroy-suroy sah.

Mayet said...

lovely!! the kids seem to appreciate the beauty that surrounds them!!


Hanna said...

åh så mycket fint.

Dhemz said...

waaaaaa...bongga kaau ang imong balcony teKhim....ka cute sa duha...hehehe...inom inom lang....:)

Anonymous said...

Nindota ta anang mga bulaka khim uy!pwede ko mangayo ug semilya anang pula?unsa ngalan ana?
hastang kyuta!

Miss jane said...