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Jun 4, 2010

Happy friday everyone!

Sometimes in your life you felt like 
there is no end of everything you do.
And wondering when is this gonna end?
But when that period of time arrive and you stop doing 
what you supposed to do, suddenly you miss it.
ohh that´s what I felt right now.
My new group in our front.

Lovely yellow flower is blooming right now.

Japanese rhododendron  I guess?

To everyone who know´s 
what was the name of all the flowers in my garden
Please write it in my comment.
Thanks for your help!

Thanks to this ground cover flowers
I don´t have to rense weeds in this area.

 Maritime flowers my hubby´s favorite.
Wish you all a happy and sunny weekend
in your garden under the shade.
  Or where ever you wanna be this weekend!

A big hugs to everyone!


smallkucing said...

lovely blooms :D

A happy weekend to you too. School holiday started this week :D

Sue Seibert said...

Beautiful photographs! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Ricademus said...

Happy weekend!

LV said...

I love pretty flowers. I truly enjoyed seeing what you have in your garden.

mommy Orkid Belle said...

You have some lovely flowers there ate Khim! :) Have a great weekend!

eden said...

beautiful blooms. Spring kaayo mo dha karon. Diri sa amo kay winter na..

Lucy said...

Beautiful flowers! You home must look awesome with all that for dressing.

kimmy said...

you have very beautiful flowers! do you grow the flowers yourself?

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

wow, sugod na pd diay ka sa garden.
nice your garden flowers........

kami ani. sigi na lang lakbay, mananan-aw sa makit-an,#
wa mi garden, own..........

thnks sa bisita ha?


Mayet said...

lovely flowers!! I love them..

NENSA MOON said...

just walkin here...
Very lovely photos!!
But didnt know the name of that flowers... the yellow one looked like sun flower...?!
Thanks for showing us!!

hugs n kisses to everyone here...

anne said...

The flowers are all so captivating, they are all pretty and precious. ANyway thanks for the visit and the comment you left in my blog girl, really appreciate it

Hanna said...

så mycket vackra blommor du visar.Kram

anney said...

Ganda naman ng mga flowers na yan! Have a nice week!

Glädjekällans Trädgårdsblogg said...

Vackra blommor!
Så länge man håller sig igång och tycker om livet - så länge tror jag man har ett 'roligt' liv.
Ha det gott

Unknown said...

You have nice flower garden khim. Sorry tsang karon pko kalaag naunsa mn nga busy tapuls mn ako life uy.

Hopeful said...

Nice flowers. Thanks for the visit sis. In fairness I love your flowers.