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Jun 20, 2010

It´s been raining

This week the weather is more likely raining.
A typical swedish mid-summer weather is on the way
or it´s allready here.

May be that´s way I´m down 
even if we´ve been so busy this last few week
s still my brain can´t behave.

Shrub Roses in front of our house 
It gives good smells to our guest. 
And beautiful to look at it.
 They are sophisticated kind of flowers, 
 easy to grow and they are winter survivor. 

Rhododendron it´s bring the beauty in our front of the house.

This is what I called beauty.

 Marguerite or Daisy.
He loves me he loves me not!
The white marguerite is often used
for the mid-summer crown flowers.
I´ll show you some white crown daisy next week.
All flowers in my garden is a perennial.

My summer group in front of our door way.

Thank you guys for leaving a comment!
I do appreciate it very much.

Have a good week ahead and happy mid summer week!


Ricademus said...

At least the rain is good for all of your beautiful flowers.

This will be a good week for you.

smallkucing said...

it has been very hot at this part of the world. Hope it will rain soon too. Else not only the plants will die...

teJan said...

ka nice sa mga flowers:)

anney said...

Ang ganda namn ng mga flowers! Medyo umuulan ulan na din dito.

vignette design said...

Beautiful flowers! I guess the rain is good for some thing!

Unknown said...

I love all your flowers tsang. and they need water so keep raining hehe

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

madalas na rin umulan dito sa amin..

Alice Law said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting My Little Sprouts and leaving us your warm thoughts!

Oh yes, it has been rainy and cloudy here too... feel pretty lazy to move my bumps, kiahahah!

Cheers and have a beautiful day to you!

vialentino said...

wow...nice flower pics....nice bloggie as well...nice to meet u.

josie said...

Nice to have some rain these days, with flowers blooming and the grass going green again.

Galaxy6139 said...

Rainy days would be nice for your garden, there would be a lot of flowers bloom afterward

Dhemz said...

love all the pics...and the flowers...looks refreshing!