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Jun 24, 2010

Celebrating midsummer

Hello bloggers!

Friday is a very special day in Sweden.
Because we are celebrating mid-summer.
Means dancing, eating and meeting the families.

A marguerite crown is a must every mid-summer.
Picture is taking last year in my MIL place outside Gothenburg.
A place where you can find peace and lot´s of meadow flowers.
It´s a perfect place to celebrate mid-summer. 

The traditional dance around in the mid-summer pole.
Every villages in Sweden had there owned design pole 
and it depend on there belief and tradition.
But the most common one is the one with crowns with crossbars.
Symbols for health, fertility and bright future.
Please click the link if you wanna know more
About swedish mid-summer.

Happy weekend everyone 
And thanks for dropping by!


Ricademus said...

If you have a midsummer's night dream, I hope it is a special one!

chili said...

tittar in o önskar dej en glad midsommar:)

smallkucing said...

what a wonderful celebration. Wish we have it here .

Dhemz said...

wow! ka nice sa tradition ninyo dha te...pede mo apil? ehhehehe!

btw te, if you have time...hope you can join my giveaway contest.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Hahah...your daughter is so cute wearing the flowers crown.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...
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CaptainRunner said...

Happy Weekend! The term mid-summer reminds of me of a novel, I just can't remember the exact title.

May said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful celebration.

RoseBelle said...

Very interesting. I didn't know about this celebration at all. Summer is summer in my city. It's mostly cold and foggy. The few days that we get warm weather is like a blessing to us San Franciscans.

Wengss said...

Happy midsummer. Luckily nindot ato weather that time, kaya mao nakaadto mi sa park to join the celebration. Imo girl oi mestisa kaayo wafa, paartistaha na sa ato kim.

Verna Luga said...

wow, charming little girl and place... ka nindot!