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May 1, 2010

May flower

The Mayflower Charity Foundation is Sweden’s largest Child help organisation.
  There aim is to improve the situation for children 
In Sweden and to fight child poverty.
 Source: .majblomman
Psst! I did asked them if I can post them.

Every year I bought one.

This year May flower.
  There vision is that children should have the right to participate
on equal terms with their friends both in school and at their leisure time.

Please visit the source if you wanna know 
What mayflower contribute to the society.


Ricademus said...

That is a great cause. It's hard for kids to have a chance in life if they are behind from the start.

Marlene said...

Hala wala raba ko kapalit ron ug Majblomma. Sayo man ang ubang school mag-sell, April pa lang naa na mga bata nagatinda.

Kangaroo said...

Hi Khim, very good cause. We do the same with Breast cancer foundation here in Sydney. Thanks also for the visit. having a lovely day here.

kimmy said...

that's really very nice..

kimmy said...

that's really very nice..

MinnieRunner said...

Great cause! And those were really cute stuff!

Linked you already!

Awarded you to with Sisterhood Award

Synnøve. said...

Hej på dig.
Kul du tittade in hos mig.
Sitter och bläddrar lite i din blogg. Säger man bläddrar förresten?
Många härliga bilder.
Ja det där med med Majblommor finns inte här i Norge. Men jag har funderat på om det skulle kunna gå att göra nått liknande här.

Jag fick lägga ut beställning på majblomman. Så jag har en pins från årets samling. Har en del från tidigare år med.
Har varit in på deras hemsida inna helgen. Får se om man får svar på sina frågor.

Jag tittar in igen.
Välkommen tillbaka till mig med.
Kramen Synnöve.

Anonymous said...

Kanindot nuh!
maayo pa sila kay nakahuna-huna sila ana.

sa imong mga post karon,makahinumdom ko sa mga bulak,nga nakita nako sa japan.
hasta pud nindota.