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Apr 30, 2010

Nordic Tradition

Today 30 of April we celebrate Valborg.
A woman named Valborg, 
According to the legend She was the daughter of the great king Richard.
 Her name was more like she was a Celtic,
German or Scandinavian background.
The most common belief is that
She was born in present-day England.
 She was worshiped as carried by soil fertility,
and her name was linked with spring around May 
So she ended up in swedish calendar.
 She traveled to Germany with his brothers
and founded the Catholic monastery of Heidenheim in Wurtemburg.
She decided later to become nun.
She was declared saints May 1 779th,  
 And her name became associated with Vikings.
Valborgs means spring and  fertility celebrations.

 She was adored in the same way as Vikings had idolized spring.
While I asked my neighbours 
who is a farmer they said it´s our new year.
We start our work in the fields.
And It´s the last day of winter.
That´s why we celebrate Valborg.

Note! it´s not a church holiday.

Source from:
Swedish tradition of Jan-Öyvind Swahn
 Year festival of Nils-Arvid Bringéus,


A.M.I.N.A said...

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Ricademus said...

Cool! If her father's name was Richard, he must have been pretty great too. haha!

Dhemz said...

wow! good to know te...thanks for sharing..very informative....:)

salamat sa dalaw te ha....:)

Unknown said...

Nice info tsang. btw, i'll add your links bukas nlng ha. thanks sa visit and comments

FaYe said...

we celebrate queen's day every 30th of april and yours is king's day

roffe said...

In Norway we don't celebrate this day..