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Apr 19, 2010

Monday shopping

Today monday is a bit confusing day at home.
My girl supposed to see a theater today with her classmates
but  she woke up so late and  at the same time,
she forgot to tell me that she need to bring a lunch box today,
because they are not coming back to school for lunch.
Instead she stayed home and asked if we could go shopping.
Because she don´t wanna go to the theater.
But before we go shopping we have to meet 
A friends who invite us for lunch together
At the Thai resto in the city.
Thanks for the yummy lunch Dear!

Ja! It´s been a shopping monday for me and my girl!
She is trying a white converse.

Have a wonderful spring week everyone!


Seiko said...

I hope you had a blast Monday my dear:D

kat said...

Theater or shopping?? I'll go with shopping lol.

Thanks for the visit Kim.

Ricademus said...

It's nice to have a mommy-daughter day every once in a while. But I bet she would have liked the theatre if she had gone with her class.

Belated Happy Birthday! Did you blog about it? Did I miss the post??? I've been sick and missing some things on-line.

Ricademus said...

Oh, oh, now I remember! I knew your day was in April, but I don't know the day!

Dhemz said...

ayay! shopping napod...hehehhe.....ka nice sa shoes woi...d man ko ka afford ana te...eheheh!

Miss jane said...