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Apr 18, 2010

Family sunday

Hello to all of you in the bloggsphere!

Weeks just fly away and I´ve not done anything in the garden yet.
I´ve been very tired this past few days,
Due to my pollen allergic.
Well not much choices than to take 
my pollen medicin dose untill the end of june.
Despite all the tiredness 
We still have to do our family bonding every sunday.

Family bonding makes the kids happy 
and it gives harmony and joy for me and my family.
That´s why were doing it.


kimmy said...

It's good that you prioritize your family..

Clarissa said...

Same here,no matter how much I love spring season, pollen allergy can make crazy for sometimes lol!Don't forget to bring your nasal spray when you go outside dear!^_^

sure you can add me!^_^

Verna Luga said...

awww, this is a great outdoor exercise jud for kids ....

dropping by Me.

Seiko said...

I love spring season & ti's true but not the cedar tree,the cause to my pollen allergy.Yes Mommy Khim,you're not alone!We're on the same boat.'m suffering form my pollen allergy too every year in spring...sigh
Just don't forget to take your doze para hindi lumala.:D

Dhemz said...

sos ka nice sa inyong family bonding te....very inspiring family....wala naka sneeze diha? hubby pod kay allergic sa pollen....

Unknown said...

Biking is a very nice weekend activity. I also hope to do a lot of biking with my daughter when she's old enough to cycle around.

Hi! Thanks for the visit.. ^^