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Mar 9, 2010

International womens day

International Womens Day
is marked on the 8th of March every year.
It is a major day of global celebration of women.
In different regions the focus of the celebrations
ranges from general celebration of respect,
appreciation and love towards women
To a celebration for women's economic,
political and social achievements. 
For me it means that my husband
will show his love and attention
on this very important day for me.  
I cannot act on every women needs perhaps
it´s sound egoistic but it´s too complicated to talk about it.
One thing I know that our voices as a women
Is never easy to be heard an a mens voices.
And when it came to equality of opportunities
between women and men
It´s also a problem that we are trying to struggle.
Hopefully every women knows what this day is all about.

Something we need is to be heard and
to be catch of a glimpse from our husband.
Not only in bed time but in everything we do.

He show his appreciation by giving me
this lovely colorful tulips on a womens day.

Thanks  for you appreciation of what I do.
Hopefully the world well soon understand
that women is a part of the community.

More power to all the women!



Mommy Liz said...

ay sows, eh bakit di ako binati ng aking asawa ng happy women's day? hehehe.. I didn't realize na meron palang ganitong araw?

Of course women are part of the community, we are part of everything. Thanks for sharing this..

Genefaith said...

honestly sis I just know it thru sweet naman ng hubby mo he gave you that flowers:)

Thanks for dropping by:)

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Enchie said...

the tulips are as lovely as the thought of honoring you...

smallkucing said...

wow...your hubby so good. I bet he wont forget anniversary nor birthday too.

eden said...

Oh, wow.. beautiful sweet of your hubby. Wala jud ko gi greet sa akong hubby..hehehe

Ricademus said...

The tulips are very pretty!

In our house EVERY day is women's day. Part of being a husband is making your wife feel loved, respected and appreciated. Right???

Dhemz said...

ayay! mag selos man sad thoughtful and very appreciative naman ni banana mo deserve it! love the flowers....ka pretty!

tuod te, thanks sa email sa FB...mag reply rako ato...hehehehe!

kim said...

wow! congrats for the flowers! they are lovely. happy women's day!

mishi said...

Cheers to that! ;)

...and congratulations for the lovely flowers. Ur husband's so sweet! ;)

Anonymous said...

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Clarissa said...

More power to us!Your husband is soo sweet to give you a beautiful tulips!Lucky you!^_^

Happy Women's Day!!

lina@home sweet home said...

Wow... your hubby really love you...

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