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Mar 12, 2010


I love Eller magazines that´s why 
I got it in my letterbox every month.

The best part of being a subscriber 
of this magazines is you recieve
VIP invitation card to be the first one,
Who can visit the store like NK, Åhlens, Topshop, 
and more for new collection with
a pleasing refreshment without a cost.

 She is beautiful!
I am really comfortable to go and visit my fave store as a VIP.
Means you´re the first one to know if they having a sale 
and you always got 20% to 50% before anyone knows it.
Because I hate crowd in a shopping store.
And that is why I am a Elle subscriber.

I´m sick to it I must subscribe Elle Magazines!

Have a wonderful and peaceful weekend everyone!


Verna Luga said...

She sure is pretty.... gwapa jud... labay ko ...

kimmyschemy said...

really nice mag..

Wengss said...

I like to see interior magazine too.
maayo kay naga subscribe ka.
regards ko sa imo fam.

shahz said...

I love that magazine too.