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Feb 20, 2010

Sports holiday week

Here in Sweden we had so called sports holiday week.
and that is week 7 from feb 15 to 19.
(Help your self)
That means kids is off from school.
We been watching Olympic games on tv.
Went for a walked in a snowie weather
and had a cozy time together with them.
For me it´s important to spent time together
with my lovely kids while they are small.
  We did our sport holidays in a short week for a reason,
That the weather in Gothenburg been so snowing
since month of dec until now.
And frankly speaking it´s expensive to go for a ski holidays.
So a short weekend ski holidays it´s enough for this year.
We do love speed and action specially 
my kids and husband they do love skiing.
And now it´s time to say good day to all of you
and please start your day with a good breakfast.

Happy blogging!


Ricademus said...

I love walking in the snow--even more so at night, under a blanket of stars. And time with the kids is the best, before they grow up and don't have time for us anymore. LOL

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

My name is Riet said...

What lovely pictures of the snow and your children. Yes I heard Sweden had so much snow, we have had a not much but already since medio December so all and all we never had this before. More than two months snow and cold. Not custom for yhis country. Thank you for your visit,
PS you will love my country and the tulips

Chubby Chieque said...


Rose "chubskulit" you meant? Yes... I noticed her not so long ago in our SSS meme every week-end.

Cool to know some countrymen in the world of blogging.

You have your sportlov now? Just det! Göteborg är först och om 2 veckor så är det Stockholms tur.

Have a wonderful w/end. Stay warm.


Beng said...

I admire parents who find quality time to spend with their kids. Keep it up!

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eden said...

Wow, kanindot sa inyong sport holiday week. Katugnaw kaha diha no. baga man kaayo ang snow. hapit na sad inyong spring. diri padulong na sad mi autumn.

Dhemz said...

it is indeed pricey...mao gani nga wala me nag ski this year...waaaaaaa...kuripot lagi woi..nag sledding lang me...ahhahaa...barato!

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

wow ang sarap naman dyan.. havent really experienced skiing.. someday i will.. sarap papicture with white background

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