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Feb 21, 2010

Cozy weekend!

Candles is been a part of my life every winter.
Just love the warm lighten feelings to look at it.
and of course it makes our home warm as well.
and helping to reduce our electric bills.

A cozy weekend with a lighten candles is what I desire.
Because I am sure that spring is coming after winter so 
I´ll just enjoy this moment and be greatful 
that we are all in a good health, prosperity and hopefully
the world economic growth is going to be better on spring
and so on.

Wish you all had a cozy weekend 
And a happy monday everyone!


☆Mama Ko☆ said...

Itreally look so cozy. ka sosy sa candle sa first pic.

Ricademus said...

My parents didn't like flashlights (too many batteries) so we used a lot of candles when I growing up. It was nice. =)

Dhemz said...

for the love of candles too..pero masayangan ko ug dagkot te...ehehehhe!

musta na diha te gwafs...sensya na karon lang tawon ko kabalik ug laag....hope all is well!

salamat sa dalaw ug comment ha...miss you teKhim...mwah!

January Asia said...

I like these photos. Nice colors, nice lights.

Buckeroomama said...

I love candles, too, but with two little ones around the house, I hardly get to light them any more. :)

Unknown said...

Very Nice Blog.... Interesting thoughts...

Clarissa said...

I love candles--I feel very romantic whenever I lit one or two at home and yours is perfect!^_^

Miss jane said...