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Jan 3, 2010

Wo cares?

Homelessness is currently the highest in Western Europe in 50 years.
Only in Sweden do have nearly 18 000 people home.
Aftonbladet has followed four of the thousands of homeless on the streets of Stockholm.

They live under a bridge - behind the garbage cans and a tarpaulin.
"Now the extreme cold," declares weatherman limits.
And probably it is cold.
 They may look a bit worn out but they know how to dress to stay warm.
 Being able to dress properly is key, if you live on the street.
And everyone can see that it is precisely what they do, they are homeless.
All viewing is to say. Most turn a blind eye as soon as 
it swept over the motley society's bags and backpacks,
 The blankets they wrapped themselves to stay warm.

They sit outside Sergel Gallery in Stockholm.
The plaque in the paper that they set up it says:
Please, help a homeless with a gift.
It's a Catch-22. Did not work, it is difficult to get apartments, 
and you can not get a job unless you have an apartment.
 Victoria showed up in Gothenburg last fall she carried a 

Birkin-bag for around 100 000 SEK on the arm.
one tcknen that Prinscess wardrobe is being upgraded.
who paid it? No one knows it.

"Rewards, tax money and their own fortunes are the engines of the royal family's finances and what their private purchases costing only their auditor know it.

 Taxpayers contributing 10 million swedish crown for the princess wedding.
That Victoria was so windy that she goes out with a bag of SEK 100,000 
while she also supports to set up world's poor.

Swedish people should take this in a more concrete way.
An ugly example of a blatant double standard and it is time to move it out of houses to eliminate the phenomenon of the Royal Family. 
Have you afford such a bag, you can pay your own wedding.

No wonder, that the court refrain commenting.
I don´t fucking care.
Where is Sweden going?
Anyone cares?


Nikel Khor said...

d world is change..

Nikel Khor

The Pope said...

It is disturbing for a rich European country that has an alarming number of homeless citizen.

I wish New year brings new hopes to these people.

smallkucing said...

It's not happen there only. Msia too.

Euroangel said...

Thanks a lot for the visit and following my blogs...happy new year..i wish to visit you more often when i come back in europe...take care!!

Al said...

Down here at the other end of the the world homelessness is a huge problem.
And in spite of Australia getting richer, we see more people at our homeless service every day.

Verna Luga said...

Khim, I think this problem is worldwide ... you just seem it worst in the first world, but extremely worst in the third world.