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Jan 2, 2010


We went for a walk today it´s lovely weather and sunny.
Sharing you some nice shot from the nature.

It´s pretty to look at but it´s not funny to touch it.
I´m freezing!

I need sun.

I think this is beuatiful

It´s nice to have a warm wine when you come back home after walking.

Cheers for the winter!


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hi khim,

thanks for the visit,
and the new year greetings to us.

oo uy, bisaya kong dako, taga dumaguete, pinas, atbang sa isla sa siquijor...:-)

bitaw, this morning pod paggawas nko to worked, sus nakita nako ang snow sa mga dahon, same sa first pics, mo....

then I say, Thanks God for the wonderful nature you have given and shares us.Thank you God.

sigi, ari nako, kay magkuri-kuri pa.

Nice meeting you,here.

God bless

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

Is that Glogg? Yum!

Unknown said...

Hi khim, sus nag tan aw rako sasnow gitugnaw ko ugsamut. Wala na walking for me here, its freezing. maayo ka pa sanay na sa cold and snow. patagay nlng sa wine mo.

Ricademus said...

I love going for walks in the snow--day time and night time. But it is always nice to come inside to something warm--wine, tea, cocoa, anything!

I looked for you blog once before and couldn't find it. I'm glad to be here!!! =)

Unknown said...

hi khim
just wanted to stop by & say thank you for following "blossom"....& happy new year to you xx

roffe said...

Hej Khim..Very nice photos..

Al said...

lovely photos!
I like the snow, but I have to say I am pleased it is a lot warmer Downunder.

Dhemz said...

kuyaw kay tagay man dayon pag uli...ehehhehe!

eden said...

Love your photography day khim..

hahaha.. tagay gyud dayon pag abot..