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Dec 10, 2009

Christmas cards!

 A simple reminder to everyone who have the tradition to send a christmas cards to family and friends it´s time to start sending them before it´s to late.

Christmas card overseas I posted it today,
and hopefully I´ll send the domestic post next week.

Good night everyone!


teJan said...

weeee!!! padal-i nuya ko christmas card bi..dugay na la ko kadawat! heheh!

Anonymous said...

Katong 9,napadala na namo sa among mga friends ang tanan namong christmas card.kay kung mas sayo,mas gamay ra pud ang imong mabayaran.

eden said...

agoy, this reminds me day khim naa pa koy wala na human sa akong pag post national ra hinoon. I have to do it this weekend nalang

kathy said...

apili ko ug padala ug card.. hehehehe.. btaw joke lng Khim.. Mzta na? Ako pinaskohan ipadala na pud dayon ha... hehehehhe

Anonymous said...

We already left this tradition a few years ago, Khim. We've found that it's far more simple to greet our family via short message service. Some choose to send it via Facebook or email. They will receive it at the same day we send it. So, Christmas card time is over in Indonesia. Lol

Anyway...Merry Christmas to you and your families there, sis

Clarissa said...

Yap,thanks for reminding me!!I have to send 'em now!!Happy holidays!!^_^

maricar said...

thanks for reminding us Khim, that's nice to keep the tradition ;)

Dhemz said...

na kami te wapa jud...kay super busy man jud kaau ko sa skul...nya hapit na final...but am still working on it...ehheehe!

Mhar's Display said...

I am still working on my cards. Hopefully I can mail them on Monday :)
Thanks for commenting in my post. right. being away from your family is not easy especially on occasions like this.