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Dec 9, 2009


Sharing some affection and appreciation to me.

From him.

Jag älskar dig! means I love you!
and the answer is
Jag kommer alltid att älskar dig
I will always love you.

Maybe you guys need some sweet swedish word?

Have a good Wednesday!


maricar said...

auf Deutsch: Ich liebe Dich ;) awwww! ka süüüüßßßß!!! ng hubby mo Khim ;)

JonaBQ said...

want to invite you my meme With Love Wednesday. thanks!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what would it sounds like. Khim. Lol. Because the font itself looks different..

Thanks for share new vocabularies here..

Clarissa said...

That is soo sweet!!^_^

Dhemz said...

ayay ka sweet ni banana.....:)