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Jul 19, 2010

White collection

Hello blogg world!
I can´t believe how time passed so quickly.
Were allready in the middle of our summer vacation.
Five more weeks to go and real life is on again.-:(
But before that day we are enjoying our summer vacation.
As usual my flower garden is showing her best side.
Now I´m sharing you some of my white flower collection.
Not much though but enough to make you envy me.
I´m just kidding my blogger friends. ✌

Is´nt she cute?
If you look at the background yellow flowers,
you can just imagine how they looks together.

Roses are red but not today.
Roses can be white like this one.

The state flowers of Idaho
The Syringa is a shrub flowers 
With a sweet orange and pineapple fragrant.
They are all over our house.
Not only outside in my house,
I got white flowers.
This one is an indoor plant 
Who is blooming right now 
And it´s white as you can see.☺

Happy summer blogging!


kimmy said...

LOVELY! that's why i enjoy visiting your blog, it has calming effect.. thank you so much for sharing these beautiful things..

Ricademus said...

I can almost smell them! You were kidding, but there is a little envy. =)

Mommy Mayonnaise said...

Your white collections are perfectly captured. Beautiful!


smallkucing said...

I love white roses as they smell very sweet

Hanna said...


Verna Luga said...

Summer na jud kaayo sa inyo ... gwapa jud ng flowers... agi ko...

Al said...

gorgeous flowers, thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

and i thought i couldn't see colors in WHITES! lovelyyyyyyy:)