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Jun 2, 2010

Swedish mommy´s day!

Last sunday 30 of may is mom´s day in Sweden.
As usual got something from my dear little girl.

Means congrats mom!
And I love you mom with hugs.
Her sweetness really melt my heart.
Thanks for this lovely greetings my Dear girl.
My son fixed the breakfast together with his dad
Just because it´s mom´s day they are in the kitchen
Otherwise kitchen is mine all the year around. -:(
We end our celebration with a good cozy dinner
 in the best restaurant in Gothenburg called Sjomagasinet.
Check the link if you wanna know about this resto.

This was the view from Sjomagasinet restaurant.

Thanks to my sweet and loving family for this wonderful day!
I´m proud of being a mom and a wife.

Hello you wanna know what did we ate last sunday.?
please check this out.
 man and food

Have a good day!


Ricademus said...

Belated happy mother's day!

They don't want to get in your way in the kitchen because the very best restaurant is "Khim's Place"! =)

Mayet said...

belated greetings to you!! that's nice to know that you had fun with your family.

take care.

Wengss said...

Oi belated happy mothers day oi.I love recieving gifts too hehe, makadako og atay.
oi tagsa nalang ko maka blog oi kay akong mind busy planning of many other things. Natapulan nako.
by the way i add ko sa facebook dili taman ka makita sa facebook oi

Wengss said...

Ako diay gastador ko usahay labi na makasugod. I'm happy nalang kay hubby keeps on reminding me na control control hehe. pero if magsugod na gani ko og kinuripot sa to the fullest jud..pero dilekado kung musogod og gasto kay waldas pod. But luckily ginatudluan ko sa ako pares kung unsaon ag manage sa kinabuhing pobre nga dili mosamot ka pobre hehe

Unknown said...

ka sweet sa imong mga angels oi...on may 30 naa mi sa stockholm, nanuroy ra mi didto, eat pod kay gutom man sige lang suroy suroy hahaha...

BTW, naa na mi diri karon Davao khim hehehe, miabot mi adtong tuesday night..hehe..

hope to see in September, if ma approved na ang perrmanent visa..