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May 9, 2010

Nostalgia weekend!

Hello everyone!
How is your weekend?
Our weather last saturday is really cold windy and gray boring weather,
But it did´nt stop us of not going to the heritage folk museum.
They are having a spring opening.
They are showing a film about the old life style
from farming, cow milking, washing and cooking.
In general telling us, how do they live before.
Without cars, mashine, computers and electricity :)
It´s just about 5 mins drive away from home.
The old taxi, I think?
Sorry could´nt find the word in english.

This is the old stone crusher.
A old water pump...
oppsss! We do have this in my provence,
before we got a flowing water system.
This is one of the reason we have to visit this old museum
because she wanted to ride.
We also used this kind of woods for washing.
Ohh! the good old days washing with friends singing and eating.
( Sa suba ug sa sapa)
I love this kind of stuff.
I had some at home from my MIL.
More washing!
A old ice saw.
A bit scary saw.
A womans work at home making a mat.

When we get back home my boy decide to cook for our dinner.
While the big brother is making the main course.
The little sister is doing what?
My girl is making something for dessert.
Chocolate cake as she said.
My boy made a delicious spaghetti 
with meatsauce for our saturday dinner.
The spaghetti is perfect and the meat is really good.
Thanks my Dear son! you just make my heart melt.
Pssst! He do love to be in the kitchen looking when I´m cooking.

The result of my little girl. hehehe!
She forgot the melted butter and baking powder.
The choco cake is a little bit hard hehehe! but she did her best.
Chocolate cake for our saturaday dessert from my dear daugther.
I´m a proud mom of my kids!
Well, it´s not mother´s day yet in Sweden.
Anywhere else where in the world celebrated it allready,
Happy mom day to all wonderful mom out there!
Please enjoy your life mom your deserved the best like me!


Marlene said...

As for me, I just stayed at home yesterday because of the grey weather. Wow, kabalo diay magluto imong mga kids? Hayahay diay ang Mamma, hehee. Wala pa ko kaanha anang heritage museum da.

smallkucing said...

We celebrated yesterday. May you have a Happy Mother;s Day too

Kangaroo said...

You are a lucky mom! No matter what the taste was like stil they made it from the heart!

Ricademus said...

Wonderful kids showing love to a great mom, that's so nice.

We went out to dinner yesterday and we got my wife an ice cream cake.

May said...

Love those antique pieces...hope your Mother's Day was filled joy and happiness.

kimmy said...

i love to see old things myself. nice post! thanks for sharing..

Lindz said...

I like museum or places like this Khim, looks liek a nice place to visit... hey you've found my other site hehehe, thanks for visiting.

Unknown said...

Hello Khim, many thanks for visiting and I will link your beautiful blog :P We went to Aquaria and will do a post soon, I love all your vintage-y pictures, especially that 'taxi' and I think it's a carriage. Happy week ahead.

Chubby Chieque said...

Adorable day. Sowee... I was just bz this past few weeks had past.

Salamat for dropping by.

Looks that you had a wonderful w/end with the kids. & mind you, kids on the job? That's cute...

Kladdkaka blev det men god iaf.


Debbiedoos said...

Love the old things, and the meal looks delicious.

Verna Luga said...

Palit ko palo-palo ... great photos oi ... dropping by!

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

what a lovely weekend =) very interesting naman yung napuntahan nyong farm museum.. Your kids are really sweet =) Belated Happy Mom's day =)

Anonymous said...

Kalingaw ba ning mga anaka!
unya,ang hugason,kumusta man pagkahuman?hehehe!
Bitaw,nalingaw ko nagtan-aw nila.

salamat khim,pero..dili pa ko anay.
ang bulak?wa pud ko kabalo sa ngalan.

salamat pud kanunay!

Dhemz said... sweet...I admire your kids in...they are very seems like they're not giving you any headache....great job for raising them like that....lami kaau ang ilang preparation!

Joyful said...

Wow! What great kids you have. They also look like they are going to be excellent cooks. That is a wonderful thing for them (and for you).

Chubskulit Rose said...

Oiiist sis, pwede to sa Nostalgia meme that I will be hosting next week hehehehe..

Thanks for the visit and comments.. I am grabbing your links coz I lost them when I changed the layout at Nostalgic Marveling blog..

Ruby said...

very interesting ..pero fave ko yang luto2 at kain siyempre...we have the same likes too...gardening n!

Dee said...

haha... look at that little girl ! But so nice of your kids anyway. Haappy for you Khim.