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May 6, 2010

My spring survival kit.

If your following me you allready know that 
I´m one of those who can´t take spring weather.
Although I do love spring season.
I just wanna share you my spring survival kit.
And when month of july arrived I gonna feel better.

All this medicine makes me really woozy.
Tired and lazy.

Have a good thursday everyone!


smallkucing said...

Gosh...hope this year wont be so bad for you

analou said...

Do you mostly suffer allergies in spring and summer season? Mostly people have allergies during this time of the year because of pollens from flowers. Hope everything is fine with you my friend.

Ricademus said...

I hope the hot weather comes early to relieve your suffering. In the meantime, try to enjoy napping!

Dhemz said...

ayay....wawa naman ka te...sneeze attack baka diha? hope you feel better....labay ko dire tekHim!

Ms. Journ said...

Sis Khim, agoy ana diay ka sus daghan jud naa probz ani no? akong bana dili sad sya ka stay sa gawas ug dugay aning pollen season.

Ako 1st time man nako ni spring karon pero ingon akong bana murag naa daw ko allergy kay mag cge ko sneeze ay ambot heheh... hope not!

Ako email diay
i add sad ko sa ym para dali ra kaau ang tabi duol ra man ta pareha ra ta ug time frame hehe..

Kim, USA said...

This spring is my first time that I get sick. I drink a lot of SPICA tea and thankfully it took my cough and runny nose. Hope you are okey now and enjoy the spring and summer!

Color Carnival~Daffodil

Euroangel said...

sounds not so good Sis...hope you're doing fine..happy weekend too!