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Apr 21, 2010

Gothenburg city airport

We all knows that Icelandic volcano 
Named Eyjafjallajokull, has spewing ashes 
That makes every air traffic disrupted 
And many flights are cancelled.
There is a lot´s of passenger stranded in 
North of Europe because of the volcano ashes.
But for us who stay closed to Gothenburg city airport 
It´s good because we had an off time from the air craft noise.
Thanks to the Icelandic volcano.
Right now we do take advantage to used this silence,
Because tomorrow Gothenburg city airport is open again. 

 Not everyone is affective negatively of the volcano ashes.

Happy blogging!


kat said...

hahaha..duol diay ka sa Gothenburg airport? diha ra ba unta ako gusto mo landing kay aron pasyal pod kay Shy pero layo man kaayo sa mo-sundo sa amoa so nag Stockholm na lang mi kay duol pa hehehe.

Thanks sa visit Kim

RicAdeMus said...

The quiet is the silver lining to the ashe cloud.

A crazy anchorman on CNN said something really dumb about the volcano, "I'm surprised there is a vulcano in Iceland since it is so cold there". I guess he doesn't know vulcanoes are about what's under the ground, not on top!

Take care.

simply kim said...

that's a lovely photo you got there!

alf said...

my boss' wife is still stuck in italy because of this. hope she'll make it here soon.

Ayie said...

There's a lot of expat from Europe stranded in Dubai and Abu Dhabi airport as well.

Pero minsan nga nature is making its way to keep the peace--kahit sandali lang. Sandaling natahimik ang himpapawid ng europa.

Anonymous said...

Duol pud diay mo ug airport kim,parehas diay ta ani.

Miss jane said...