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Apr 25, 2010

Flowers of the week

How is everyone in the blogsphere?
I hope your having a good and calm weekend
With your family and friends out there.

Not much from me I´m  bit busy cleaning our garden 
And picking up stones from the grass 
So it´s easy to cut it when it´s time trim it.
It´s not funny to cut the grass when there 
Is a lot´s of small stones everywhere.
It get stock in the grass clipper and makes the blade blunt.
When spring is here there is always a lots of things to do outside.
For me it´s like a therapy just love to be outside.
  From a rocky mountain to a small newly born garden.
Not much shape thou but were patience enough 
To wait that one day all the work we did right now well pay us later. 
And give us a beautiful flower garden in the future. 

Thanks for my green hand that this lovely orchids
always come back after taking a rest for 6 month.

Thanks for dropping by and have a good week ahead!


pipay said...

very beautiful yellow orchids

salv said...

nice to be here.

kimmy said...

wow! how i envy your green hands. i'd love to have my own garden someday. it would be heavenly to live in a place surrounded by beautiful flowers and fresh green leaves. you are so blessed..

by the way, all the stories i feature in 'a teacher's journal' are true, but i have to change the names and post anonymous pictures for privacy. thanks for the comment!

Ricademus said...

I cannot grow flowers, but I do well with vegetables. I hope to start a garden in early May.

Jane said...

Wow.. lovely flowers..!! Well grown and looks pretty cute..!! I love the white flower snap most among these. The flowers here shown are grown in your garden is the best ever thing..

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Verna Luga said...

Kanindot sa last photo.... plenty of those kind also in our backyard ... hehehe... agi ko!

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Wengss said...

wow naa na lagi mo mga flowers diha dri sa amo wala pa naa pay gamay snow nabilin.

thank you so much sa surprised postcard from Spain. I got it today. Wala ko nag expect kay I forgotten to give you my home add. pero nakit- an jud nmo hehe.

TY kaay nindot. I will send you postcard from Italy nig adto namo..give me your add. kay di taka makita sa kay wa ko kabalo sa true name nmo hehe.

Am glad nga nakaligo ka sa parat na tubig hehe. Ako naghinayx nko impake gamay ragud..maligo sad me.

salamat kaayo..take care

Sendo said...

nice flowers....oh spring..i love to observe the spring there!! ^^

Eden said...

beautiful orchids.

Dhemz said...

waaaaaaaa...maau ka te da kay naa ka green thumb...ehehhee..ka beauty gud sa imong pretty!

Sam D. said...

hello! my dear friend Khim, you've done a good job taking care of your flowering plants. They are so lovely. Me, I can't start cleaning my garden because it's still so cold here to do yard working. I miss you my friend. Thank you for always keeping in touch though lately I can't visit you back as much as I want. I guess you know the reasons why...Regards to your family. love you my new found friend.

Cacai M. said...

Hello Te Kim, very beautiful flowers you have in here.. very pretty!

Mel_Cole said...

Wow dhay ha, bisaya sab diay ka :) nindota nimo oi kay maka-take good care gyud ka sa imong orchids. Are those dancing ladies? I like them. Do you have an indoor greenhouse or something? Share tips aman on how you took care of the orchids, they seem difficult for me. I'm a begginer to gardening. Got lots of tulips and daffodils lang in my front slope garden this spring. We are building our small raised garden bed too.