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Jan 5, 2010

Your option

Hello world it´s been a while!
Hope you all guy had the perfect time to relax with you family.
Like watching movies from direct tv in a cosy couch with a glass of warm chocolate.
While if you stay in the state of sunshine you would rather go and had a walk
instead of watching direct tele.

Well not everyone is lucky enough to have an option.
Ja! option in life my cousins in Andover NY  is going to have divorce.
Due to some factor that is not easy to avoid.
She is moving soon and she need help för installation
A new direct tele provider for her son who loves to watch sport.
She wondered if anyone could help her about the cheapies and easiest
way to have direct satellite tele in New York?
She have had one direct tele satellite before which has a xm radio channel,
sport channels, movies channels and all the broadcasting casting including fox and cbs.
The problem is she does´nt want to bother about puchasing a satellite dish.
And a reciever before she can have a direct tv provider.
She wanted to have it both in one purchase of satellite direct tv.
Yes indeed she´s to chicken to do things like this.
Please fell free to contact her if your closed enough in Andover NY.
She had mensioned about it´s not easy to choice when there is to much defferent provider



Laikka said...

nicely done! goodluck!

Unknown said...

Sad to hear that ... hope she can find someone to help her find the cheapest means.

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

i agree the last is not easy to choose when there is too much provider..

Ricademus said...

I'm sorry to hear about the split.