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Jan 6, 2010

The pearl

Follow us to Sweden biggest Island.
The wonderful swedish Island in the middle of the pearl in the baltic sea.
Welcome to Gotland!

Our first stop is in the Slite camping closed to the harbour of Visby.

The sunset from the camping.
Lovely right!

The City wall of Visby is a medieval defensive wall
Surrounding the old Swedish town Visby, on Gotland.
The ringwall was likely begun in the 13th century.
Around 1280 it was rebuilt to reach its current height,
and getting the characteristic towers,
although some towers were not constructed until the 15th century.
The wall is 11 meters high and 3.5 kilometers long
and it is still largely intact. It is part of the  World Heritage 731 
in Visby.

A closer shot in the wall with my boy.
He was 6 yrs old that time when we where at Gotland.

Telling you how we travel every summer.

Hello! still with me? now were looking att the famous rauka.
Rauka is a sandreef limestones and created by natural erosion
  You can find it in Gotland and Öland.

Hoburg old man is a known rauk on the southern island of Gotland.  
 Hoburg old man is on Hoburgen, as far south as you can get on Gotland. 
 The very 'old man' is made up of rauk belonging Sundre formation.  
Sundre Formation deposited during late upper Silurian
and belongs to the youngest bedrock on Gotland.
 Gotland is made up of a sequence of sedimentary rocks of a Silurian age,
dipping to the south-east.

On the top of Hoburg old man
I´m really scared but my kids wanted to go up and look at the top.
Just try to pleased them. sooo windy and cold even if it´s summer.

A viking boat grave it´s a tourist atrraction well my kids injoy it.
Looking at stones names and 
well it´s located in the chary middle outback of Gotland.

Well you dont go to Gotland without visiting the famous 
Visby street in the central of Gotland.
It´s a must for a swedish traveller.
When your in Sweden please visit Gotland.
 I´ll assure you wont regret it´s a lovely tropical island in Sweden.

Just helping you to plan your summer vacation.
We hope you injoy the trip.
For more information click Gotland.


Ken Mac said...


Uncle Jo. said...

woW~ Sweden was beautiful~

those pics was nicely captured too ... i see that ur skill were far better than other Nikon users.

nice series ^__^

Ricademus said...

What a beautiful place to visit. Thank you for sharing your trip!

My Family Daily Adventure said...

Sweden is very beautiful, how I wish I could visit that place too. hehehe!
Thanks for the visit Khim.

Nikel Khor said...

is the greatest moment travel abroad with family...

Nikel Khor

Jag said...

nice and interesting place...wish i can go there hehehe....

reigun said...

wow, sweden is awesome!

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Shop N' Chomp said...

Love that sunset pic!

roffe said...

I'm longing for summer...

kyungmee said...

You have a sweet and wonderful site here..out an adventure! Wonderful or you kids too. I will sure to add your site to my bloglist so I can follow these wondeful moments..

Dhemz said...

kuyog ko sa sunod te ha...ehehhee...nice man kaau mo mag travel diay woi....namuot ko sa tupi sa imong ulitawo...ehhehe..cute kaau!

kathy said...

Kanindot ana nga island Khim oi! Moanha mi dha ugma ha.. hehehehe

Mzta na? Naa na pud ko.. regular na akong schedule....


maxivelasco said...

jag har aldrig varit där. Gotland är ett jättefint ställe att åka till! kanske en dag!

tack för jättefina bilderna!


Verna Luga said...

Another place to visit before I die the street is so romantically nostalgic ... I can write a whole book here in one sitting.

gab's mom said...

nice photo of the sunset you've got... i'm excited to go on a summer vacation with my family also.

Eden said...

Wow, ganda naman dyan. nice spot for camping with a sunset like that..hehehe

lina@happy family said...

Gotland has beautiful views...

kannan said...

very nice

MJ said...

Thanks for all the comment...
Hope you enjoy the tour...