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Jan 17, 2010

A day in Gothenburg harbour

Please follow me to the city where I stay.
Welcome to Gothenburg, in Sweden. the city with charm.
You have to go with the "paddan"
to see the real charm of Gotheburg.
Gothenburg sightseeing.

It´s a place where you can find everything from the ocean.
A tourist magnet, If you don´t like crowd dont go in here.
more info please click the link.

From Gothenburg to Danmark, Friedrick harbour.

The famous Gothenburg biulding called "lipstick".
When you get in to the harbour with a sailing boat.
You´ll see it farway.

Try this restaurant if you wanna have a perfect day.
Fantastic place to eat with a good service.
highly recommended.

The Gothenburg Museum.

Waiting for the summer.

It´s a part of the summer to climb of the trees.
You´ll find this beauteous garden called tradgardsforeningen.
in the middle of the city in Gothenburg, perfect place to walk, eat,
and just relax with a good cup of tea or coffee.
Why not stroll and enjoy the lovely flowers everywhere.

Thanks for being with us and see you next time.
I hope you enjoy the tour.


roffe said...

I'm waiting for the summer too.. I hate winter...

Osloskånskan said...

Tack för tigern, klart jag ska hämta! Kram!

Mommy Liz said...

Wow, beautiful views. Para na rin akong nag tour, hahaha! Spring lang gusto ko, ang init kapag summer eh, nasusunog ako, kaitim ko pa naman..

Wengss said...

thnx for the tour khim.
I wish someday maanha taka sa inyo town. Your place is far from where we live but theres nothing imposible kung disido jud and of course basta naay kwarta para pang gasolina or whatever hehe.

Laikka said...

wow! pwede naka mag tourist guide kimyat! hehhehe!

have a great week ahead!

Eden said...

what a beautiful place. thank you for taking us there..

Verna Luga said...

Thanks for the tour! Great place... It's always summer sa Pinas...

kathy said...

Wow! ka-gwapa bas inahan oi! Mura man ug kamagulangan nila... Tourist na tourist ang dating! hehehhe


Mhar's Display said...

Vacation is lots of fun if the family is with you.
Thanks for adding me in FB. Yes I know Leonor. We met in Manila when we had our CFO Seminar two years ago.


Glenn said...

hello mamee khimmy ^^

Reagan D said...

i wish i could go there!

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

thanks for sharing these.......

wish i can visit there, someday.

Gods will

Ricademus said...

Such beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing them.