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Dec 2, 2009


In our nieghbourhood

Is´nt it a lovely weather? don´t mind the cold just wear proper clothes and you´ll be fine.

On my way to Norway, Oslo.
Ja! if Im going to turn left but no I´m going to drive straight today.

Hope you all have a good wednesday evening!


roffe said...

Nice photos..Living in the countryside?

Jenny said...

Hej! Tack för besöket hos mig, nu hittade ju jag hit:)

Vilka fina bilder, det var en riktigt vackert väder i Göteborg idag men kallt!!

Ha det bra,

Kram Jenny

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

wow...unique scenery

Jama said...

Looks like freezing to me! I'm from the sunny island in the tropic, so a little snow is already freezing to me! lol

Faye said...

nice pictures!here during the night freezes. but daytime the temp is still positive.

eden said...

great shots.. looks like a beaitiful day