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Dec 22, 2009

kiddies work

Yesterday is the last day at my kids in the school.
We were there to attend the last term of the year.
This gingerbread house is made by kids who is ten yrs old.

They had a contest who gonna win the best gingerhouse.

I like this one

Santa claus workshop

The best!

Happy holidays children!


Anonymous said...

wow! looks like they had fun on the last day of school Khim! Salamat sa bisita.. Na-add ta na ka sa akong Fifi blog ha... ayaw na mahay.. ehhehehe


Sam D. said...

talented kids. I can see that they had so fun in their last day school. my daughter can't wait too, it's their last day tomorrow. Thank you for your comment. keep in touch and God Bless your family.

MJ said...

Hello Kath!

salamat ha hehehe!

hello Sam!

They are good in creating things like this they have a subject called handicraft and woodworking from grade 1 3 times a week so they really got time to learn.

thanks for dropping by and hope your daughter gonna have fun too...


ruby said...

pagka nice ani ila ge buhat oi.. good job!!
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A new beginning

scribbler said...

I'm impressed by their creativity of the kids! :)

iriene said...

Wow, those are great artwork and it is fun too :)
Those children are so beautiful and can see that they are very happy :)
Happy New Year to you and family :)

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

Those are nice ginger house, I wonder who won for the best gingerhouse. Those kids are so creative.

kat said...

wa jud ko kasabot aning gingerbread..hehe why man buhat ug gingerbread ug why man during xmas ang gingerbread hahahaha...wa man gud na diri sa pinas oi...hehe, pero nice kaayo ang mga gawa sa mga kids..ila gingerbread kay lami kaonon hahaha

TY sa comment anyway

oumberligating said...

Nu har jag exakt en timme på mig innan den "stora Julbataljen" brakar igång i det Olofssonska hemmet, så den timmen ska jag nu ägna mig åt att önska alla mina gamla och nya Vänner i Bloggvärlden en riktigt God Jul och ett Gott Nytt År!
Kram ifrån Peter!
Som sagt ha det som bra som det bara går och var rädd om dig och de dina!

Anna said...

wow that ginger bread is beautiful.. I wish I made one this year but I just did not have enough time.

Dhemz said...

agoy ka mga artistic kaau sa mga bata...ehehhe!
mailhan jud nako ditso imong mga bata te...ehehhee!

MJ said...

hehehe kay mao ra may itom buhok...Dhemz....