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Dec 16, 2009


I have no idea why I get so annoyed when people bringing there kids in a shopping malls.
while they all aware that it´s gonna be crowded in the shopping malls.
particularly likes this season of the year.

There is no parking!
I hated this place but I must go in here to get the gift for my dear girl.

Poor little girl tired and bored, I feel pity to here.
That´s exactly what I mean of why bringing them into the shopping malls.
Make it more crowded!

Busy busy!
Sorry but I can´t handled kids when I´m in a shopping malls.


teJan said...

gisapot si manay..heheh!

maxivelasco said...

hello Khim! ouch! too many people. i also feel so sorry for the kids when parents bring them along.

anyway,t hanks for dropping by my and blogs. already added you in my blogrolls.

I also added your blog in my blogroll. Please pa add din ng blog ko... thanks a lot! hugs!

MJ said...

bali gyud nakong kapoya unya kit-an panimo ning mga si-aw sa tindahan...aroy...!

MJ said...

oo Daj na-add na kita....happy blogging...thanks sa visit...