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Dec 6, 2009

Christmas bazaar!

Christmas bazaaar is a little bit special for two things.
One is the price is never been really high except before christmas holidays two the spirit of christmas is gone because you are stressing your self to buy a bargain which everyone have to be there at the same time just before christmas to buy  a gift.

 Commercialized Santa Claus
A symbol for christmas marketing.
Spirit of christmas is to be in the store buy your happiness.

roasted almond for  55:- kr in a 150gram
Is that´s cheap....?

More textile? talking about saving our dear nature if you always buy new every year.
Double morals is always in the human soul.

You don´t have anything old from last years christmas?
Why do you have to buy new every year?
Think of the nature!

Well you can´t just roam around ih here without buying some lottery.

One wish for Christmas is tranquillity.
For me, for you and for the whole world!


maxivelasco said...

hello Khim. you are right. medyo busy kasi malapit na ang finals. you know naman... daming kailangang tapusin and the exams! yayks!

wow. thanks for sharing the christmas bazaar photos.

let me know kung okey sa iyo na exlinks tayo. lahat ng blogs mo with my 3 blogs. mwah

Kasia said...

Hey Khim! Thank you for following! Im your new follower as well :)

Rocky Garcia said...

Christmas is really near!

Maria said...

SÅ mysigt ställe!
Grattis till din fina lilla tjej!

eden said...

ka nice ana oi kay barato ra gyud kaayo. nindot sad kaayo mga baligya. ang almond mahal man kaayo na diri oist..

Aze said...

Kewl! I've just been there today! :)