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Nov 3, 2009

Getting ready?

How is everyone in the blogger world? Hur är det med er alla mina blogg kompisar?
I have a good day even if it´s a bit quite boring autumn weather in Gothenburg Sweden right now.
Det är en riktigt höst väder vi har just nu i Göteborg, Det blåser, regn och kallt. :)
What did I do today? Ja I went to look for a party dress and not really that easy to find anything I like.

Black is not my kind of color. Svart är inte min färg.

This is okey but not perfect, i´m looking for something like tube and body fit dress with a light colors.

well, I did´nt bought anything yet.
Tommorow is another window shopping day until i find the one I really want.

Have a good night everyone...
Sov gott!


eden said...

have fun window shopping again, khim..hehehe..

nice kaayo ng last photo. i like black.

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

kailan mo kaya bilhin iyan..hehe

kathy said...

Wow! kanindot pud nimo dha kay window shopping ra man... hehehehhe... Unsa may celebration? Hapit na imo bday? hehehehe

Gnahan bya ko'g black Khim kay mka-slim.. nyahahahhaha... itago man diay ang mga bilbil...

Labay lng ko, balik ko ugma...