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Oct 4, 2009

Cinnamon rolls day!

Hello everyone!
Today is a day who everyones home really smell want to know why?
It´s because everyone is baking cinnamon rolls at home.
It´s a Swedish tradition to baked cinnamon rolls at home for the smells and family get together to do something in the kitchen, specially if you got kids who got the schedule from school of what is going on every coming month.

If you asked me I prefare to buy cinnamon rolls but if my kids well decide?
We must baked it our self!..Thankz to there dearest pappa for the support.
Spliting up the dough to four coz were four person home.
The baker

She´s counting it, her newly baked cinammon buns.
Come and taste our owned traditional Swedish cinammon rolls, buns or what you want to name it?
It´s sappy and perfect for café.

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