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Sep 17, 2009


Today I was at the fiskstore to buy some fish to steam it, while waiting for the fish my tastebuds was looking for something totally defferent of what I was planning to cook for today.
My brain play a trick to me today so I must buy more fish to prepare the food my brain and stomach wants....-Strange food in our table as what my kids said^ actually not often I feel peckish of my onwed dish like this one.

This is what we calle kinilaw click this if you want to know about kinilaw (ej reklam )

Dishes like this is an everyday food for us who stay really close to the shore.
Fishing is one of the main source for food in our village.

Stir fried "petchay" a green leafy vegetable. petchay had a natural source of calcium so it´s highly recommended. "One think before I gonna go to bed" this vegetable is normally cultivated for family used back in my village.
Now I have to go and brush my teeth efter I ate a very delicious dinner.
Our time is 10 mins. to 11 in the evening.

Good nignt....

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