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Sep 26, 2009

Oppen market!

Today we´ve been to magasinsgatan in the city of Gothenburg,
A quick visit before my little angel go to her ballet lesson.
They got a nice price with a good quality of clothes, shoes and some kids clothing and toys as well.
Home interior design for those who love to decorate thier homes.
A cheap monday pants for 25kr thats cheap! is´nt it? just make sure you find the right size....

Found some waistcoat...can I try it?
Looking for a shoes but there is no size for me...


Aussiemade said...

Thanks for your comments and reading my blog. I loved Sweden and Scandinavia when I visited your country a few years ago.

I too love bargins, and enjoy garage sales and we have tip shops here. They are attached to where we drop of our rubbish (Tips) and stuff that is to good or might have a second life be recycled in some way can buy things very cheaply (usually).

teJan said...

ahehe..perti jud!